The Process – previous updates

February 2018

The Neighbourhood Forum is moving into the next phase of its life

The prime task of the Neighbourhood Forum has been the creation of a Neighbourhood Plan and this process has now come to a crucial and decisive stage.

The Plan has been updated based on a full analysis of all the comments received during the formal consultation that took place from the 15th January to the 26th of February 2017 and all earlier consultation events.

The focus has now moved on to the preparation of the documentation for the submission to the Oxford City Council in order to start the formal acceptance process.

The set of required documents are:

The Plan

-The Character Assessments as a separate Appendix to the Plan.

-The Consultation Statement, a comprehensive explanation of the entire consultation process.

-The Basic Conditions Statement, a document that sets out how the Plan meets the requirements of each basic condition and other legal tests.

The Screening Opinion which is a statement from the City Council that in our case there is no requirement for a strategic environmental appraisal.

We will soon be in a position to submit all documentation at which point the City Council will take over and start their own Consultation and Independent Inspection procedures in preparation for the decisive Referendum, a point that could be reached by the summer of 2018.

The Neighbourhood Forum is conducting a survey of what residents hope for Alexandra Park.

This is intended to go alongside the exercise being conducted by the City Council on its website.