The six weeks Consultation we were required by law did take place from 15th January to 26th February 2017. Copies of the printed Plan and response forms were made available for public consultation in the Summertown Library, in North Oxford Association and for seven subsequent Sundays on the Summertown Farmers’ Market in a dedicated stall with members of the Steering Group present.

The responses form individual residents, local businesses and statutory bodies, seventy in total, were analysed and taken into account for the formulation of our Policies. A listing of all comments is available here: Final Consultation Comments.

We also reviewed all Policies with the Oxford City Planning Department, who are currently developing their 2016-2036 Local Plan. This to ensure, where possible, that our policies align.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now ready for submission to the Oxford City Council.

The documents required for this submission are:

The Plan

The Character Assessments, as a separate Appendix to the Plan.

The Consultation Statement, a comprehensive explanation of the entire consultation process.

The Basic Conditions Statement, a document that sets out how the Plan meets the requirements of each basic condition and other legal tests.

The Screening Opinion which is a statement from the City Council that in our case there is no requirement for a strategic environmental appraisal.

Our previous consultation was carried out in April 2016. This involved sending a leaflet to every house in the area and inviting people to reply by post or to respond online. The result was that we received 254 responses. These included a large number of comments.

We have had an analysis of the responses carried out and these are shown on the document Consultation summary.

Each question has been reviewed and a mean score along with its standard deviation calculated. These ranged from 4.3 (out of 5) down to 3 (5 being high importance, 1 being low).

Subsequent to this we reviewed these responses and looked at the comments which are shown in the Comments table. What we took from all of this is summarised in a document approved by the steering group available here: Proposed Formal Response To Consultation

At the public meeting held on March 17th, we invited the 86 people attending to write up their hopes and fears for the area. There is a summary of these available here: Hopes and fears.

There was a subsequent meeting on 20 July where copies of all policies were available and discussed in separate working groups. There is a summary of the comments is available here; Forum Feedback