Development sites

The Oxford City Council Local Plan 2036  Preferred Options indicates a number of sites under consideration for further development in section 9.

The Steering Committee plans to form a view on each of these sites and use the Neighbourhood Plan’s Policies and Character Assessments as the basis for its formal response. The intention is to try and influence the developments even before the final detail applications are available.

The Sites in our Area are listed below using the formal reference numbers and subheadings as well as the current status.

Sites allocated in the Sites and Housing Plan

-003; Summertown Strategic Site (Large area east of Summer Field School towards the river Cherwell): Current Status; Rejected-Sports, unless evidence provided; (housing and re-provide open air sports).

-018; Diamond Place and Ewert House: Current Status; Potentially suitable for development, update required; (retail, health centre, community and leisure facility, housing, public carpark, Diamond Place SPD (Special Development Document)).

Restricted access green spaces

-125; Summer Field School athletics site (southern part): Current Status; Potentially suitable for development (housing).

-309; Summer Field School Playing Field West (1/3 of site 003 on west side): Current Status; Rejected-Sports, unless evidence provided; (housing and re-provide open space).

Previously developed land

-580; Summertown House (University owned postgraduate accommodation): Current Status; Potentially suitable for development (housing and student accommodation).

-356; 276 Banbury Road (Majestic site): Current Status; Potentially suitable for development (retail on ground floor, housing, students and office above).

-Planning application 17/02832; easyHotel. The application to build a 180 bed hotel on the former Majestic site was approved in spite of strong local objections and an objection from SStMNF. We remain concerned, especially about the effect of hotel guests’ parking in already crowded residential streets.

In addition to the above we will monitor and comment on:

Individual planning applications such 122 Banbury Road where our comments contributed to the withdrawal of the initial proposal. There is a new planning application for the site; 18/03113/FUL. We believe this application is much better than the first one but we have nevertheless put in an objection. The proposed drive has now been moved to Belbroughton Road, protecting the line of mature trees along the Banbury Road that is so important to the character of the area. The 2 houses would be less conspicuous as they would be located at the back of the site, away from Banbury Road. They are also lower than in the previous application, having two stories and flat roofs. The modern architecture chosen by the developer will not be to everyone’s taste but is certainly better than the mixture of pastiche & modern architecture of the previous application. The footprints of the 4 and 5 bedroom houses are unnecessarily large, with 30% given over to garages.

The date for public comment has passed. The application has been called in by our councillors and will be considered, probably at the next West Area Planning Committee meeting on 20th February 2019.

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