The Plan


Here is the Plan which will go to Referendum on 7 March 2019:

Summertown & St Margaret’s Neighbourhood Plan

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All over the country, neighbourhood forums and parish councils have either produced their Neighbourhood Plans or are working on them. Such plans, if approved first by a planning inspector and then by a referendum open to all adults living in the neighbourhood, set out the planning principles which new developments in the area must observe. Clearly such plans can help to safeguard the characteristics of the neighbourhood which local residents’ value and also indicate desirable future developments.

The Steering Committee of the Forum set up 5 Working Groups. These Working Groups have identified the key issues in the neighbourhood and, in consultation with Forum members, have formulated policies to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

We have drafted our vision and objectives and set out how the plan has been arrived at. We know that there will be a number of development sites which are critical for the future shape of the area. In particular we have identified the Summerfield school site, the Diamond place development and the possible Majestic Wine site.

There is a range of proposed policies which appear in the Plan, one set for each working group area. In addition to this we have produced a character assessment for each sub area in the two wards. All of these can be accessed from this site.

Following extensive consultation in the community the plan was thoroughly revised and updated.