A meeting of the City Executive Board was held on 18 December 2018 when the Examiner’s Report setting out his recommendations to modify the Plan were approved and it was agreed that the Plan, as modified, should now proceed to a Referendum.

Here is the Plan which will go to Referendum on 7 March 2019:

Summertown & St Margaret’s Neighbourhood Plan

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The process of approving a neighbourhood plan is a long and detailed one. It starts with the identification of the area concerned (our two wards) and then designation by the City Council. This took place in 2013.

Following this the Forum was closely involved in the consultation over the proposed developments in Ewert Place/Diamond Place which promises to be a major change for Summertown.

Following this it was agreed that we needed to create our own Neighbourhood Plan and consultations have been taking place since. The first step was to identify 5 working groups (housing, community, transport, environment and business).

These groups have identified their own priorities and have consulted on them in public. They formed outline policies for a plan. The next step was to send a leaflet to every house in the area which invited comment on proposed policies. This took place from February – March 2016.

Following that a draft plan was created.

The stage which we have currently arrived at is having created our second draft of the Plan following the earlier consultation. This will now go to formal consultation in the area in early 2017.

Following our formal consultation from January 15 to February 26 2017 the responses have been analysed and taken into account for the formulation of our Policies.

We also reviewed all Policies with the Oxford City Planning Department, who are currently developing their 2016-2036 Local Plan. This to ensure, where possible, to align our approaches.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now ready for submission to the Oxford City Council.

The full set of documents required for this submission are:

The Plan

The Character Assesments as a separate Appendix to the Plan.

The Consultation Statement, a comprehensive explanation of the entire consultation process.

The Basic Condition Statement, a document that sets out how the Plan meets the requirements of each basic condition and other legal tests.

The Screening Opinion which is a statement from the City Council that in our case there is no requirement for a strategic environmental appraisal.

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