Here is the Plan which will go to Referendum on 7 March 2019:

Summertown & St Margaret’s Neighbourhood Plan

Click here for further information on the Referendum


We are now in the final stages of preparing these documents and expect the following timetable:

-Submission to the Oxford City Council will take place before the year-end at which point the City Council takes over the process.

-Once the City Council accepts the submission it will conduct its own 6 week public consultation.

-Following this the Plan will be reviewed by an Independent Inspector who might ask for clarifications or additional information.

-The Inspector then issues a report with binding recommendations which must be implemented before a Referendum.

-Once final approval is given by the City Council, they will organise the referendum process and timescale. This point is now expected to be reached during the middle of 2018.

-During the referendum the Final Neighbourhood Plan is voted on by all eligible residents of the Summertown and St Margaret’s Neighbourhood area.

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